Why I Quit My Job

The phrase “That Monday Feeling” is universal and simply accepted by most people. It’s the acknowledgement of another work week beginning at a place you don’t want to be, but need to be in order to pay bills, pay for holidays and save for a mortgage.  It is simply accepted as being normal to “just get on with it” despite your own ambitions, desires and dreams. I don’t think in this way…

Not to say that it is wrong to think this way, but I chose to pursue happiness over “success”, I chose to pursue a career over “just a job” and I chose to pursue a workplace that engages me, challenges me and get’s me pumped up for Mondays… Sounds far-fetched, I know. Is there truly a “dream job”? It depends on each individuals ambitions, desires and expectations, and the reason I say “success” instead of success is because I am referring to traditional success of following money, status and power. I know for a fact these things alone don’t bring happiness, but what does?

Kids playing in professions

I’m envious of those that find their passion at a young age. Those that go to med school to be Doctors, go to drama school to be Actors… how did they know?? Myself, I had no idea what I wanted to pursue in my teens, and am struggling to this day to clearly identify my passion and direction in life (sounds dramatic). For the past 6 years I’ve been working for large multinational corporate technology companies that many would consider a privilege. I am well paid, have good benefits and am given clear paths for progression (not bragging, it is leading to a point I promise). All of these things should make me happy, in theory, but I do struggle to get excited for work and struggle for motivation at times. Not to say I hate my job, but I am curious about what could be… I am curious what the alternatives are…


So sitting here with my whiteboard and coloured markers ready to brainstorm passions, projects and careers I want to try and pursue… ugh this is harder than I thought. I’m not quite sure what I want to pursue, does this mean I continue as I am? Maybe. Or maybe it’s time to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe it’s time to take myself out of the box and explore. Again sounds great in theory but ‘how can I action this’ I thought to myself. I know one thing, my job and career will be centered around people. I really enjoy engaging with people and am fascinated in understanding social dynamics and what makes these people tick. I made a decision that I would take time out from my current career to explore people, the world and most importantly myself. I made a decision to take a risk by leaving a good job at a well known company to explore “what could be” and see if my ideas can be real or if they are just fantasy and if I should settle for “That Monday Feeling”.

I have the next 12 months dedicated to this cause. 1 of 2 things will happen… Either I return to resume my career in technology, accepting the “just a job” lifestyle, Or… I discover something that will finally get me excited for Mondays. Let’s see what happens, I’ve deemed it a risk worth taking. Watch this space 😉

One thought on “Why I Quit My Job

  1. I guess being in an office environment can be just draining.. I’m glad you are deciding to explore! I’m in the exact same boat, wondering if anything appeals more than the job I left. Good luck in your search!


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