Planning A Round The World Trip

So it’s decided, I’m to embark on a trip around the world… Exciting isn’t it?! For me it was both exciting and overwhelming; I mean, where do I start, how much money do I need to save and what would I do at all these places?? It’s taken me a few months but I finally have a plan and am two weeks away from my first destination! Interested to know what it took to get to this point? Keep reading…

Before we get into logistics, it’s important to have an idea of what you want to do… Do you have specific countries, cities, monuments you want to visit? Do you want to conquer specific achievements on your travel? Or do you simply want to go with the flow? For me it was a mix of these things. I had a specific aspiration of learning Italian hence the extended trip to Florence coming up (buzzing mate!). Beyond that, I have a desire to simply set off, meet new people and go with the flow (will reveal full route as I go). Last year when I spent a month in America, my time was restricted in each city because of pre-planned flights… So I thought it would be great to book flights as I go along, not done this before so let’s see how it works out, I’ll probably end up writing a follow up blog about how good/bad it was… watch this space!

In terms of duration, budget will play a part. How much do you need? Well, it depends… Some places are more expensive than others, and some activities are more expensive than others. They say an average of ~ยฃ1,000 per month for travel, living and activities should be sufficient, but it will be wise to look into how much things like snorkelling, sky diving and island hoping tours cost, it may shift priorities!

Jet airplane in a sky

So now that there is a plan, what should I take? It’s tempting to take the largest suitcase or backpack available and stuff it with equipment for any and all possibilities… but let’s be realistic as well as smart about this. First of all I’ve decided a backpack is ideal for me, simple reason because this way I can be on the move and have both of my hands available (not to mention being much easier for stairs). With this in mind, it may not be wise to stuff it with unnecessary things as that would be murder on the back! I’ve heard “no matter how much space you have, you will find ways to fill it” which makes sense and I think it’s better to pack the necessities and attain the odd item as needed.

I’m taking a 70L backpack which has a small break away daypack which is ideal for smaller trips. I’ve got my clothes, bathroom kit, random accessories, change of kicks and vlogging equipment… again, watch this space; omgisthatvik is coming to YouTube in 2018 ๐Ÿ˜‰


On a slightly boring but necessary note, visas and vacinations… because you want to be allowed into these wonderful countries and do not want to die from a deadly disease! As a British passport holder I’m lucky in that there wasn’t many visas I needed to attain… in fact, all I needed to get was a visa for India, working holiday visa for Australia (simple online process) and a visa waiver (ESTA) for USA. Most countries in South East Asia either don’t require me to have a visa or I can buy it on arrival, similar situation in South America though some counties will want to see return flight details. It will be a first for me heading into most countries on my list so let’s hope there are no visa surprises, again watch this space!

In terms of jabs, imagine being in a foreign country and having to spend large amounts of time and money on questionable medical attention… no thank you! I made sure weeks before I flew out that I was covered for several vaccinations, a great website to check what and for where jabs are required have a look onย


It is wise to plan your trip as much as possible and be prepared, especially if you’re going solo. At the same time make friends with total strangers, do things you’d never imagined and have no regrets… remember to make the trip as EPIC as possible! I’m planning to provide updates regularly via Instagram, weekly via YouTube and the occasional blog when I get itchy fingers. Get in touch and tell me your thoughts/suggestions, always happy to hear from readers, see you soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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