What Does It Really Feel Like To Leave For A Year Of Travelling?

I’d been planning my trip for sometime… there’s lots of logistics to think about for a year long trip, and for most of 2017 I kept these plans to myself. When I started to tell people about my trip, I received mostly positive comments, apart from a few (let’s call them older aunties in my extended family). The trip was being built up and the excitement was starting show in my face… then I noticed something interesting..

I’d been keeping myself busy up until my last day of work; lots of projects to finish, planning for Christmas and firming up flight bookings for the trip (due to leave first week of January 2018). It hadn’t really dawned on me what I was about to do… this was a big deal but I always brushed it off and took it in my stride. The more I spoke to people to say good-byes, some of them started asking me if I was scared… What? What would I be scared of? That’s a weird thing to ask. Then I got this question more in my last few days in London, and I’m not going to lie… I did have a bit of an OSM (Oh shit, moment). ‘Is this the right thing to do’… ‘have I made a mistake’… ‘what other options were there’?

This doubt started creeping in until I got on my flight, there was no turning back. I sat in my aisle seat and started to think to myself, what were my motivations… were these my own motivations or someone else… they were my own. I then thought about the doubts… were these my own doubts or someone else… they were someone else’s. When someone doesn’t understand your motivation, they can place their doubts onto you and make you second guess your own decisions. As soon as I reached Italy, and with a focus on MY motivation and not OTHERS doubts, I had that cheesy smile back on my face as I was literally living the dream right now (my dream anyway).

It made me chuckle today that a year of planning and assurance in myself, was put into doubt for those couple of days. I trust my judgement that this is the right thing to do; I am learning a new language, planning activities I’ve only dreamt about, and most importantly having a kick-ass story to tell when it’s all said and done. After my first week of my trip, I have no regrets. I do miss my friends and family slightly more than I thought I would… Luckily for me I have quite an itinerary planned and am looking forward to see what else 2018 has waiting. So far, A+ 🙂


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