Evolving My Blog To A Vlog!

Blogging has always been more for me than anyone else… I’d occasionally show on Instagram that I’d written a new blog but it was the therapeutic process/output I valued from writing. I like to write about my travels, but also random moments of reflection and sometimes just weird ideas that pop into my head, all of which a good writer should be able to deliver and grip the reader with… Which is hard to do and if I was writing for others I’d probably try a little harder at it. In truth I actually wanted to have a go at using my voice (and face) as well as my words to showcase what my incredible 2018 is like. Enter Youtube

So the thought process… Let’s start slow and see what happens, no expectations and just having fun with it, simple. I created and published my first video with the intention of showing a little bit of my personality mixed in with an explanation of my plans for my friends and family to see, and throwing in some shots of my first destination in my year abroad. Sounds a lot easier than it is. Watching it back 3 or 4 videos later, man I was nervous! I don’t think my personality quite came through, camera work was shoddy and there are many other things I could point out, but with each video I get a little bit better and feel more comfortable on camera, practice makes perfect, who would have thought!

Not saying I’m perfect, far from it! Still lots to learn and it is a lot more pressure than blogging. Now people are getting a real insight into what I’m doing (what I choose to show anyway) and having my face attached to it makes it a little bit more real! The feedback so far has been positive and the latest video  was my favourite so far. I am enjoying making it more personal and being able to show visuals as well as slowly introducing my quirky side (you’ve seen nothing yet!). 3 weeks in and my platform is slowly growing, let’s see what it looks like after 3 months! Take a look for yourself and give me some feedback, whatever it may be, that’s where the improvements and/or moments of appreciation are! My channel “OMGISTHATVIK” is about sharing my travel journey so far and is a chance for people to follow my adventures, I make it to show that I am okay and having fun, I also make it to entertain and eventually to inspire, check out here and get in touch, thanks in advance! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-w4TIFGDQTx9-McSzd5eA 

(Also I could do that thing where I say “Also make sure to subscribe to my channel” but I wouldn’t do that, it’s so desperate… right? Right! However, if you wanted to on your own accord that would be fine, I mean if you wanted to show some support and help a brother out, totally fine.



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